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  • Although most fillets are sold skinned and boned we are happy to provide you with your specific requirements whether that is skin/on fillets,also scaled skin on boned out is very popular with softer fish such as snapper when you are going to cook on the Barbeque etc. So if you do have a specific op
  • Frozen free flow bags of fillets and shatter packs of assorted speices. Tarakihi, Deep sea Cod, Hoki, Soles, Flounders, Red cod, to name a few of the products that will be avialable to purchase over the course of the fishing year as we go from season to season.
  • New Zealand Sole Meat Quality New Zealand Sole have delicate and moist flesh with a low oil content. The upper fillets are slightly darker but whiten on cooking.
    NZ$ 7.00
  • Sold individually in the half shell. Queen scallops are dredged from the brilliantly clear, unpolluted waters of our Pacific Ocean and immediately frozen to retain the qualities of the fresh product making them available all year round. All harvesting, processing and pa
    NZ$ 1.30
    NZ$ 1.00
  • Salt N Pepper coating over a tenderised calarmari strip. Great on the BBQ as a seafood side or entree really tender and delicious. NOT SOLD ON SKEWERS AS PICTURE SHOWS
    NZ$ 14.90 EA
  • Sea Cucumber (large 4-500gm)KGPremium Black Sea Cucumber (frozen) Scientific Name, Holothuria mexicana.Size: XL 2-3 pieces per kilogram 4-500gms eachWild-caught from the South and Central America Coast Sea Cucumbers are with abundant amino acid and collagenbut
    NZ$ 45.90