• Whole Fish
    We offer fresh whole fish in various states: Whole (Green), Gutted, Headed & Gutted, Gutted and Scaled. We can also process the fish further by cutting, butterflying or steaking.
  • Fillets
    We offer Fresh Fish Fillets in various states, including Skinned & Boned, Skin-On/Scaled/Boneless & Skin-On/Bone-In. All our fish is landed fresh daily and our website is updated around the clock as the fresh fish rolls in.
  • Mooloolaba Harvest
    We're bringing Mooloolaba's finest catch to NZ. We're stoked to offer highly sought after Aussie King Prawns & Spanner Crab meat to our valued customers.
  • Sashimi Grade Fish
    While most fresh fish could be used for raw fish, some are simply better than others in terms of texture and flavour. We select the best of our fresh landing and feature them here as raw or sashimi grade fish.
  • Crayfish
    A true New Zealand delicacy, the delicious Crayfish otherwise known as Spiny Rock Lobster. We offer them live, cooked, halves or tails & heads. Alongside other lobster products and scampi.
  • Oysters
    Oysters in all shapes and sizes. We offer them live in the shell, freshly shucked to order, in pots and in various other forms. We stock predominantly fresh New Zealand Pacific oysters but when the season comes around we get Bluff too.
  • Prawns
    Frozen Prawns imported from around the world from reputable suppliers renown for quality, variety and reliability. The companies operate under a HACCP programme and comply with the industry's highest ISO expectations and food safety standards. Available Raw, Cooked, Whole, Cutlets, Prawn meat and more!
  • Salmon
    Premium New Zealand King Salmon & Tasmanian Huon Salmon. Our Salmon has incredible flavour, colour and texture and packed with Omega 3. When you eat our salmon you're enjoying some of the best in the world.
  • Octopus & Squid
    A collection of fresh and frozen Octopus and Squid species and products. From Fresh Hawkes Bay caught octopus, tentacles, Pineapple Squid fillet and whole Calamari. We have a large variety that is always expanding.
  • Crabs
    We offer a range of frozen crab options including various species of whole crabs, half cut crabs, King Crab legs, Crab Claws, Crab Sticks, Crab balls and meat.
  • Shellfish
    We stock a large range of shellfish in fresh, live and frozen states. From fresh live clams, fresh kina pots (or live in the shell when we're lucky!), clam meat, Mussels, NZ Paua, Oysters and much more.
  • Smoked Fish
    Try our exquisite range of in-house smoked seafood.
  • Frozen Products
    New Zealand's largest range of frozen seafood products. With a huge variety of product ranging from fresh frozen fillets of many species, prawns, shellfish, squid, octopus, goma wakaame, fish cakes, balls, crumbed & coated foods, chips... The list goes on.
  • Ready To Eat
    For those of you who prefer the no-prep approach to seafood.
  • Free Freight
    All items in this category qualify for free freight
  • Gift Vouchers
    Gift Vouchers for either yourself or someone else.Great gift idea for a friend or family member.